Tiny decided to take her morning walk in the Wild Briar Wood. It had been so long since she had dipped her toe into the icy stream, or heard the breezy sway of the trees. She stopped at the clearing near Silent Creek, and sat in the space between the three tall Maple Sisters. It was a perfect spring morning, but Tiny only felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. Even her heart-bird felt like it was buried under stone. Tiny thought about her friends, her fears, and the uncertainty of the future. It was all too much, and she began to cry.

As the tears rolled down her cheeks, they splashed to the earth, sinking deep beneath the surface. With each drop, the ground below her began to rumble—first a shift, then a stir—then it cracked wide open. Tree roots rose from the dirt and wrapped themselves around Tiny’s small body. She stiffened at first, but soon relaxed into the cool, dewy embrace, and closed her eyes.
“Hello, Tiny,” said a voice from inside the trunk.
“Hello” she answered, wondering who was speaking.
“We have a song for you.” The three Maple Sisters spoke together. Their voices were deep and soothing.

“Please don’t cry our dear sweet child, there’s no need to feel fear
The world will keep on spinning, turning seasons through the year
The clouds continue drifting, and the river waters flow,
The sands will still be shifting, as the evening shadows grow
Rock and sea and sky and soil; these places are your home,
Remember as you walk this Earth, you’ll never be alone
You’ve many reasons to smile each day, so many ways to shine
So spread your light, be kind, share love, and trust all will be fine.

The voices faded, and the roots slipped back into the ground. Tiny felt a stirring as her heart bird awakened. She stood up, dusted down her skirt and headed home, eager to start a new day.

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