Tiny flipped through the pages of the Treetops Tribune. The library on Lemon Tree Lane was still closed, and sweet Liesel Greenleaf was feeling poorly. A dark cloud began to form over Tiny’s head, threatening rain. She turned the page hoping for a glimmer of sun—and there it was. Her dear friend Dana Bear, owner of global food-truck Pinker than Tin, was home for the season, and had cut his travels short to feed the hungriest mouths in Treetops. The grey cloud vanished and was replaced by a rainbow; Tiny pirouetted around the room and set off for the Village Green.

Her heart skipped a beat as she approached the gleaming food-truck, excited to find Penny-dog already waiting in line. Although desperate to hug, they kept their distance and shared their secret dance-move. Dana-Bear’s smiling eyes appeared in the service-window, “What can I get for my two favourite friends?”

Tiny stared up at the specials board. It read:
“It’s a Wrap! Friday Special. 2 legs or 4 legs: All are welcome!”
Tiny loved wraps more than anything, this was going to be a hard decision. She read on:

Food for the Belly:
Oven roasted cob-nuts, crab apple salsa, acorn crunch, beet & turnip slaw, and a dash of honey-water. Wrapped in a crisp cabbage leaf.
Choose two sides! Burnished bilberries, rosehip relish, spiced & toasted maple seeds

Food For the Heart:
Pan-fried medley of lively conversation, playful banter, and deep listening. Served with a heartfelt bear-hug, sprinkling of fizzy giggles, and ribbons of everlasting friendship. Wrapped in a pair of warm loving arms.
Choose two sides! Sun-kissed smiles, basket of belly-laughs, groan-inducing dad jokes.

It was impossible to choose; Tiny and Penny-dog exchanged a knowing glance.
“We’ll have one of everything please, Dana Bear,” called Tiny, “if you could split the Belly Food, we’ll take the Food for the Heart to go.”
Dana Bear fired up the grill, and gave them a thumbs-up,
“Great choice Tiny, I think you’re going to enjoy that when this is all over!”

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