Today’s story is a about a piece of music that has haunted Tiny for half her short, sweet life. It first entered her ears, then her mind, then her dreams, and has brought her to tears ever since. Not tears of pain, fellow Traveler, but tears of joy, and of gratitude. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the music is Schubert’s An Die Musik, and this is My Tiny Beautiful Life, episode 13.

To The Music
It was in the stillness of Sunday afternoon that Tiny heard the most exquisite voice drifting from the apartment above. Madame Orly was taking her bath while preparing for her evening recital. The music floated down the stairs as though from heaven above, and the angelic voice carried Tiny around the sun-drenched room with all the grace of a golden meadowlark.
Tiny didn’t understand the words but her heart ached with the beauty of it all. You could see the rhythm in the sashay of Miss Kitty’s hips, and the graceful waft of the curtains.

As she closed her eyes, Tiny felt something dripety drip; she looked up to see the letter S about to splash onto her face. She wiped it off and noticed a large, wet patch on the ceiling. The music was leaking through. S was followed by a D, then an A, an E, and M, and the letters began to rain to so hard, Tiny was afraid the music would run dry.

It stopped. The letters lay motionless. The room was silent.
Tiny rearranged the letters trying to make sense of them; without warning Madam Orly’s voice began to crescendo, and the letters rose up into the air, turned once around the room and flew out through the open window.
Tiny sat in wonder, the room was filled with a joy so sweet, there were no words left to describe it.

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