Between Darkness and Light. Episode 75

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Tiny stared into the midnight sky. Something felt different. A grim despair hung in the air. The stars appeared to tremble, and the moon hid behind the darkest cloud.Tiny called out. “What’s the matter Mother-the-Moon? Is something wrong?”“Take shelter, child,” she hissed, as she—and the stars—shrank out of view. “The battle is about to begin!”Tiny’s … Read More


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Quarantine Survival KitContains:– A listening ear– A smile that reaches your eyes– Mask and hand-sanitizer*– Blue skies overhead– A journal and pen– A friend in nature– A pocket full of kindness– A sunny disposition– A heart full of hope– Emergency air-hug– Back-up rainbow– A patience cushion– A full set of complimentsAVAILABLE NOW!Inquire within(*with the exception … Read More

On the Corner of Friendship and Joy Episode 68

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It was a glorious spring morning. Tiny flung open her window to find Constance Goldfinch chirping on the windowsill, and holding a letter under her wing.“Pea-te-tee-te-tee!,” sang Constance, “Good morning Tiny, a letter for you!”Tiny felt a thrill inside. She tore it open. The letter was from Woodmint the Badger.“Dear Tiny,” it said, “Would you … Read More