Autumn Sun. Ep: 70

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Tiny closed her eyes, and sniffed at the honey-apple breeze that swirled through the village of Treetops. Her heart-bird gave a happy sigh. Fall was her favourite season—aside from winter, summer, and spring.“Woohoo! Good morning Tiny!” boomed Mother-the-Sun from above. Her voice was deeper than that of her sister, Mother-the-Moon, but they shared the same … Read More


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Quarantine Survival KitContains:– A listening ear– A smile that reaches your eyes– Mask and hand-sanitizer*– Blue skies overhead– A journal and pen– A friend in nature– A pocket full of kindness– A sunny disposition– A heart full of hope– Emergency air-hug– Back-up rainbow– A patience cushion– A full set of complimentsAVAILABLE NOW!Inquire within(*with the exception … Read More

Be Here Now

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Tiny looked at the calendar; a red crayon heart circled the date fours squares from today. It said: “Happy Birthday Miss Rose!” She gulped. What was she going to do? All her party plans had been dashed by the virus, and Treetops was still under quarantine. She put on her thinking-cap, stared through the window, … Read More

The Dandelion Clock

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Tiny stood in the grass behind Willow Tree Cottage, and gazed across the emerald ocean. Dozens of mysterious feathery powder-puffs had appeared overnight, and now swayed on thin stalks in the breeze. As she pulled one from the ground—holding it aloft for a closer inspection—the mischievous spring wind whipped beneath them, carrying them up into … Read More

The Letter

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Tiny stared into the two golden suns, her best friend’s eyes were filled with love. She placed her small hand against the window, which Penny-dog covered with her paw. Only a thin sheet of glass separated them, but it felt like they were miles apart.“When can I see you, Tiny,” whimpered Penny-dog, “I miss you.”“Hopefully … Read More

The Puddle King

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It was the third day of rain. Tiny grabbed her brolly and headed outside. Except for the gentle pitter-patter, it was eerily quiet. The world looked so different—glassy craters festooned the grass, and the flowerbeds were filled with rainwater. Tiny headed towards the puddle beneath the birdbath, and jumped. But instead of a splash, she … Read More