The Stars For You

Penny-dog looked to the ground and let out her heaviest sigh.
“What’s wrong?” Tiny asked, placing one tender hand over her paw.
“A new batch of puppies has arrived at THUMP*. They’re lonely and scared and won’t stop crying.”
Tiny gasped. “That’s terrible! Let’s try and cheer them up.”
But when they got to the gates of THUMP, no amount of singing or dancing could brighten the miserable pups. As one dried their eyes another began to howl, setting off a chain reaction of heartbreak.
“It’s hopeless. We need a plan B,” Tiny said, and Penny-dog whined in agreement as they shuffled slowly home.

Later, as night closed its curtains over Treetops, Tiny sifted through the ideas-drawer in her mind. She could bake the residents some biscuits, but they were hungry for love, not treats. She could knit them hats, but they wanted friendship, not winter-woolies. She stared at the sky for inspiration.
In that moment, Mother-the-Moon slid from behind a cloud and gave her a wave. “Why so sad, Tiny?”
“The residents of THUMP are feeling blue.” Tiny replied through a lump in her throat. “I don’t know what to do.”
“Oh dear. Let me think.” The corners of the moon’s mouth twitched, then rose into a smile. “I think there’s a way we can help. The stars and I will meet you at THUMP tomorrow I’ll bring my Wolf Moon outfit. It’ll be great, you’ll see.” Tiny waved goodnight, a small seed of hope sprouting in her heart.

The following evening, Tiny and Penny-dog arrived at the shelter to find the residents huddled around a luminous glow. They slipped through the gates to see Mother-the-Moon hovering in the center of the crowd.  Strands of sparkling moonlight wrapped around each pup, and they stared with eyes as bright as the stars above.
“Welcome friends!” boomed Mother-the-Moon. “Just in time for our story circle.” Tiny’s heart raced; something wonderful was about to happen. When they were seated, Mother-the-Moon cleared her throat and began. First, she told the tale of “The Stray Dog”, followed by “Sit, Down, Fetch,” and by the time she finished “Honey, Come Home”, the pups had tears streaming down their snouts.
When the stars began to yawn it was time for bed—but not before one last howl-along.
As each pup barked in time to Moon Dogs, Tiny jumped to her feet and joined in the chorus, her heart filled with love. The residents hadn’t yet found their forever homes, but they would always be part of her family.

*THUMP is the Treetops Home for Undervalued and Misunderstood Pets