Tiny and Penny-dog were taking a morning stroll through the neighborhood, when they came upon a patch of fresh green grass tucked between two trees. There had been no rain for several days and the earth all around them had withered with thirst. Tiny moved a little closer. Hidden between the branches, hovered the smallest cloud that she had ever seen.
“Hello, is everything alright?” she called out, “Are you lost?”
“No no, not lost. Just practicing!” chirped the cloud.
“There’s a storm cell coming through. I’m currently in the House of Cumulus but I’ll be trying out for the Thunder Club. Look!”
The cloud scrunched up his face in concentration and managed a little squirt. Then nothing. The lilies below stood a little taller, but the cloud was crestfallen.
“You’re doing great!” encouraged Tiny, “Just keep practicing.” The cloud turned his head away in shame.

The following morning, the hollyhocks were looking a little happier.
“How’s the training going?” asked Tiny. The cloud squeezed out a few drops, then sighed with exasperation. “Keep going! You’re doing so well!” And the cloud gave Tiny a weak smile, a little more fortified.

On the fifth day, the skies were dark and brooding. The little cloud was no longer a soft wispy-white, but a strong, steely charcoal grey.
“Look!” he yelled, as Tiny approached, eyes fierce with resolve. A light rain showered the oasis below. “Wait, there’s more!” And a faint streak of lightening zigzagged to the ground.
“Hurray! Well done. We knew you could do it,” cried Tiny clapping, as Penny-dog twirled in circles around her. “Next stop. . .the Thunder Club!”
But before Tiny could finish her praise, the cloud had vanished, the heavens opened, and the earth released a deep sigh of delight.

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