Tiny had been sprawling under the colossal oak tree bordering Silent Creek for several hours, completely lost in her book. She usually went to the Library at Laurel Heights, but she had found The Magic Faraway Tree in a long-forgotten box in Miss. Rose’s attic. Nothing could tear her away; not the gurgle of the brook nor the sweet chorus of the birds, and she flew through the pages, enthralled. Sun went to sleep and moon took her sentry, and still she read. It was only when first light broke through the trees, that Tiny turned the last page.

Oh, how she longed for one more adventure in the arms of the enchanted tree; to spend one last day with Saucepan Man and Silky. The library was closed and Miss. Rose was asleep, which left only one remaining option.  Tiny opened the book and carefully removed the pages at the centerfold. After a twist, a turn, a crease and a tweak, she stood back to admire her work; the little paper boat was ready to set sail.

Tiny carried the vessel over to Silent Creek and lowered it gently into the water. Something was missing, ah yes, a name; with her pen in hand she scrawled on the hull, The Greatest Escape. The eerie dawn mist enveloped them both as Tiny used a twig to push herself free from the bank. She was ready for her maiden voyage, and prepared to depart. Her first adventure would be to the Land of Dreams.

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