Tiny and Constance Goldfinch stared at the branches strewn across Orange Blossom Lane. It appeared as though a mini tornado had swept through the village of Treetops. But as they looked up into Old Man Guthrie’s favorite tree, they noticed it wasn’t a tornado, or even a storm—it was squirrels! They tore through leaves and snapped at twigs, leaving the old oak tree with the strangest haircut.
“Oh you poor tree,” Tiny cried, jumping to one side to avoid being hit by a falling acorn.
 The tree sighed. “The squirrels have taken over. Old Man Guthrie is furious. What are we to do?”
Constance gave a worried twitter. Tiny shrugged and looked around.  It wasn’t just the oak tree; the apple, birch, and maple all looked like punk rockers. Tiny would have to do something before the neighbors noticed.

As she turned back, a pair of bulging cheeks and googly eyes blocked her vision.
“Nuts!” shrieked the squirrel, making Tiny jump. “Gotsa get the nuts!”
As Tiny watched it scamper away, an idea flashed into her mind. “Don’t worry Old Oak,” she said, “Lonely Tree lives all alone. We can take them there.”
The oak tree groaned in relief as Tiny filled her pockets with acorns.
A voice rang out across the lawn. “Oi, you! Stop thief!”
Tiny and Constance turned to see an army of hungry rodents charging towards them.
“Hurry onto my back,” chirped Constance, and within moments they were flying towards the Wild Briar Wood, straight for Lonely Tree. Tiny stole a glance; the critters were gaining ground. She gave her friend a squeeze and felt a rush of wind in her hair.

As they approached the ancient elm, Tiny reached into her pocket and scattered the acorns over the branches, and soon they were swarming with squirrels.
“Ha hoo-hoo, that tickles,” giggled Lonely Tree. 
“We thought you might enjoy some company,” said Tiny, positioning herself on a limb. “Plus the squirrels need a new home. Hope you don’t mind.”
“Mind? Oh no, I’ve been needing a new haircut for a while,” rumbled Lonely Tree. “Thanks, Tiny.”
Tiny breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes widening as Lonely Tree received his first trim. The squirrels were better hairdressers than she thought.