Tiny closed her eyes, stepped onto the ladder, and climbed through the clouds into her house of sweet dreams. In recent nights, she had found herself wandering through long and winding hallways, drifting by closed doors that lead to unknown spaces.

Tiny was drawn to a door that emanated a ghostly green light. She hesitated outside, feeling the thud of her heart in her chest. She hadn’t entered a room for quite some time, and the thought of what lay ahead frightened her. She took a deep brave breath, turned the stiff handle, and stepped inside. The room was filled with darkness. She took another step forward, and the rich velvety shadows closed in around her. Only a thin needle of light hung at the far side of the room.

As her eyes adjusted to the dark, Tiny felt a whisker brush against her cheek. Something was flying overhead. Her breath stuck in her throat, as she strained to make out the shape. She stifled a cry as two large and luminous lunar moths fluttered before her eyes. The sliver of light illuminated their wings—paper-thin shards of delicate green glass, that clinked together like wind-chimes, and filled the room with a sparkling emerald haze.

The moths danced around Tiny’s head. Strands of green-gold light emerged from their antennae, and wrapped around her shoulders, until she wore a glimmering green cloak. It felt glorious—like the warm and loving arms from her childhood that never let her go.
“Remember this feeling, sweet child,” squeaked the moths.
“I’ll remember, I promise,” she whispered.
Tiny shrugged the hug off her shoulders, folded it carefully, and placed it in her pocket. The lunar moths kissed her forehead, lingered for the sweetest of seconds, then slipped through the crack of light.

Tiny watched them leave, the green light fading around her. She walked back into the hallway, climbed down the ladder, and opened her eyes. Everything looked the same, but the world felt different. She looked up, relieved to see Mother-the-Moon hovering in the pale morning sky. Tiny blew her a kiss; thankful that some things would never change.

For my beloved Papa, Raghunandan Savoor, the largest and loveliest tiny hero, and our number one fan.  
We will miss you xo