Tiny was stringing another flower into her daisy chain when she spotted Woodmint barreling through the garden, furry arms shaking, and gasping for breath.
“What’s wrong?” Tiny asked, jumping to her feet.
“The fountain,” panted the badger, “in the Village Green. It’s flowing. One minute it was quiet, the next it was dancing! Come on Tiny, let’s go!”

When they arrived at the Green, a gaggle of residents had already crowded around the pool. Tiny spotted Dr. Faith Constanza, and waved. Helping her launch a canoe into the water was her dear friend Liesel Greenleaf. Tiny stared into the fountain which spurted exuberantly, changing its color from purple to green.
“What’s happening to the water?” called Tiny, feeling excitement bubble inside her.
Liesel’s doe eyes where shining. “The fountain is giving out gifts! If you tell it something you’re grateful for, it will give a mood you can carry all day. Jump on board, we can travel together.”
Tiny and Woodmint hopped in. The wooden canoe wobbled in the water. A queue had formed before the fountain, with villagers waiting restlessly on rafts, boats, and dinghies. Tiny fidgeted on her seat, her heart thumping faster with each passing minute.

Finally they were at the foot of the fountain. Dr. Faith leapt to her trotters to whisper her gratitude. The jet of water shot high into the sky, turning a glorious shade of turquoise, and scenting the air with strawberry shortcake. I’m playful!” cried Dr. Faith, and sat back for Liesel to take her turn. Liesel leaned forward. She spoke quietly. The fountain gave three spurts and turned a shade of dusky rose. The air around them felt as soft as cashmere.
She blushed. “I’m snuggly.”
Woodmint jumped up so quickly, he almost toppled the boat. He barked out his gratitude. The water turned a mustard yellow, and they heard a bellow of trumpets. “I’m brave!” he announced with his nose raised high.

At last, it was Tiny’s turn. She took a deep breath, and glanced at her friends. Hearing their giggles made her heart feel larger.
She turned to the fountain and whispered, “I’m grateful for you,” and sat back in her seat. The water fanned out into a magnificent rainbow arch. Silver stars shot high into the sky, and rained down over the little canoe. Tiny sensed a warmth spreading through her body—it felt like sunshine, sparkles, and butterfly kisses.
“I feel love,” she said with a smile.