It was a special day in Treetops; Unkle Frank’s Annual Dog Parade was finally here. Penny-dog stood before the mirror clasping her necklace shut as she remembered Tiny’s delight at her invitation; it was the greatest honor to walk as a human in the legendary procession.

The atmosphere on the street of Treetops was electric. People hooted from windows and storefronts as they lined the narrow cobbled streets. An enthusiastic crowd was amassing in the Village Green, where the dogs and their humans prepared to march. Penny-dog and Tiny waited nervously as a hush descended over the crowd, and Unkle Frank’s voiced boomed from the speakers, “Canine citizens of the world, we thank you for your service. Today we walk together hand in paw! One world, one pack!” The crowd erupted into howls and cheers.

The excitement was too much for Freckles’ human, Florabelle, who whirled and shrieked hysterically. “Freckles! Keep your human under control!” roared Unkle Frank. Freckles tried everything he could imagine, but it was hopeless. In sheer desperation, he threw a handful of chocolate drops at Florabelle, who tempered a little, but her eyes remained wild. Tiny and Penny-dog looked on helplessly.

There was one last option. Unkle Frank turned to face the pair and holding their gaze, gave them his most frightful stare, eyes as sharp as lazerbeams. It was just the distraction Florabelle needed, and she settled herself down, much to Freckles’ relief.

The parade began with a fizz and ended with a flourish. Residents and visitors cheered and clapped as the dogs and their humans proudly claimed the streets. As the evening encroached, Tiny treated Penny-dog to her favourite ice at Scoop-Dogg, and the festivities continued deep into the night. It would be a celebration for the history books.

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