Tiny closed her eyes and felt the cool silvery moonglow sparkle on her cheeks.
“Doing a spot of moon bathing?” called Mother-the-Moon from behind a cloud.
“I am!” Tiny said. “Hope you don’t mind.”
“Go ahead. Fill yourself up.” The cloud drifted to reveal Mother-the-Moon, luminous as a pearl. Tiny watched her light spill into the darkest pockets of the sky but despite her bedazzling appearance, there was a crease on her forehead.
“What’s the matter?” Tiny asked. “You look sad.”
“I shouldn’t complain,” the moon grumbled, “but it gets lonely up here. Sometimes I wish I was bird. I would spread my wings and fly.” Mother-the-Moon sighed so heavily the clouds shook in their sleep.
Tiny felt an ache in her throat. “I understand. You work hard every night; you deserve a break. Where would you go?”
“I would visit my cousins,” she replied wistfully. “Europa’s been talking nonstop about her ocean. And I’ve always wanted to see Titan.”
Sounds lovely,” Tiny said. “We’d miss you if you were gone. Of course, the oceans would spill over, and the dung beetles might lose their way.”  
Mother-the-Moon frowned. “I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps I would just take a stroll, feel the solar winds through my craters.”
Tiny searched in her mind for an idea. One began to shine. She pulled it out and read it aloud. 
“Mother-the-Moon, when you’re in your crescent phase you look like you have wings. Maybe you could release a lunar bird and take a short trip? It’s not the same, but it could be fun.”
The moon beamed. “A marvelous idea! I can’t wait!”

Two weeks later, Tiny met Mother-the-Moon by the banks of Silent Creek. The moon was as slender as a bow and her horns quivered with excitement.
“Are you ready for an adventure?” Tiny asked.
Mother-the-Moon nodded and squeezed her eyes in concentration. Within moments, a silver bird shot out of her shadow and sailed into the midnight sky.
“I’m free!” she laughed.
Tiny watched the lunar bird weave between stars, around planets, and through constellations, then clapped as it merged back into the moon with a final flap of its wings.
Whew, what a thrill!” Mother-the-Moon said dabbing at her forehead. “Thank you, my friend. I’d better get back to my post,” and she floated back into the star-studded sky with an extra twinkle in her eye.