Tiny nestled in her cozy dawn dream, enjoying Mother-the-Sun’s warm caress on her cheek. She opened one eye and stared at the calendar. It said, “Good morning, Tiny! Time to meet Woodmint!”
“Woodmint! At last,” she cried, and hopped out of bed, ran down the stairs, and leapt into the bright new morning. The air was honey gold, and the sky such a rich shade of azure, Tiny imagined she could dive right in, and swim with the geese across the great blue expanse.

She began her trek to meet Woodmint at the Village Green. As she waded across the grassy verge, she heard an enthusiastic clapping. She looked to her feet to see a patch of golden buttercups tapping their shiny petals, and giving a cheer. She smiled and hurried on her way, wondering what was going on.

A little further down Orange Blossom Lane, she heard another curious sound. It was a sweet harmonic hum that rose from the earth like a pale lavender mist, accompanied by a tinkle of wind-chimes. ‘Now, that’s strange,’ she thought, and looked down to see a crowd of wild violets and bluebells swaying in the breeze. Tiny felt her skin sparkle.

But her attention was quickly drawn to the sounds drifting from the Green. She ran across the gravel path, stopping short of the entrance. The flowerbeds were alive with music. Daffodils turned their amber trumpets to the sun, as narcissi played their cornets with pride. Tiny sat in the grass and watched a trio of tulips sound their clarinets, while purple pansies clicked their faces like cymbals. A line of alliums completed the ensemble, as they shook their puffball maracas. Tiny’s spirit soared as the fragrant hyacinths raised their angelic voices to the heavens. They were playing the symphony of spring.

As she watched, she felt a familiar presence. A striped furry snout appeared in the space beside her. Tiny took Woodmint’s paw in her hand, and they listened with smiles so bright they could light up the world. As the music faded, they rose to their feet in standing ovation. “Welcome spring,” they yelled into the air. “Welcome to Treetops!”