Tiny watched Woodmint hang the final strand of oak leaf bunting. The flags fluttered like waving hands welcoming them to the Spring Fête. The rain had stopped, and the day promised to be spectacular. Tiny gazed around the village green; there was just one thing missing—the food. Tiny raced towards Dana-bear who was pacing around the fountain.
“Rogan and Selina are bringing the picnics from Red Fox Farm, but they’re not here yet.” Dana-Bear growled. “Honey-crunch cupcakes, blackcurrant cordial—everything is missing.”
Tiny frowned. “I wonder what’s happened. The residents of Treetops will be here soon.”
At that moment, Constance Goldfinch flapped onto the empty picnic table. “Oh Tiny,” Constance panted. “Linden Hill has flooded and Rogan and Selina are heading straight towards it! What shall we do?”
Tiny’s hand rushed to her mouth. “We have let them know before they get stuck in the floodwater. And the picnics are in the back of the Rogan’s Treat Truck!”

Dana-bear roared and continued to pace while Tiny sifted through the big box of ideas in her mind. Suddenly, a streak of red shot past her eyes, breaking her concentration. She looked up to see a robin speed by. Another swooped to the ground. A third landed on the bunting. Their orange-red breasts flashed like stoplights against the clear azure sky.
Tiny beamed as she found the idea she was searching for. “We could ask the robins for their help.”
“How so?” Dana-bear asked, eyes brimming with hope.
“The robins could band together and block the entrance to Linden Hill. If Rogan and Selina see the wall of red breasts, they might take the Redwood Road and still be on time for the fête.”

Constance twittered excitedly and made a beeline for the robins, setting the plan in motion. Dana-Bear scooped Tiny into his giant paw and chased after Constance with Woodmint scampering close behind. They reached the corner of Linden Hill just as the robins were fluttering into formation.  Within moments, Rogan and Selina careened around the corner and seeing the hovering red stop-sign, took a sudden swerve onto the Redwood Road, far from the rising floodwater.
“We did it!” Tiny cried, running to thank the robins.
Woodmint and Dana-bear shared a paw bump and Constance flew a loop-the-loop. When the team arrived back to the village green, a sumptuous spread awaited them. The foxes watched proudly from their Treat Truck as the villagers filled their bellies with cake and the robins slurped on their earthworm spaghetti. It would be a holiday for the history books.