My dearest Penny-dog,
I’m writing from the banks of Thunderbird Lake, where I’m visiting my sweet friends, Seraphina and Blaze del Fuego. They recently moved here to enjoy the endless sunshine, clouds of fireflies, and fields of glittering Agniflowers. It’s the perfect place to raise their phoenix babies. Seraphina has asked me stay for a while and keep an eye on the children—did you know that from the moment they’re born, they have bright red eyes, and the most fiery personalities! It’s a little warmer here than I’m used to, but I stay in the shade and sip the sugar-water that Seraphina prepares each morning.

After Seraphina lays her gold star-shaped eggs, Blaze places one in each of the giant Agniflowers, where they soak in the sun, drink from the bright yellow stamen, and hatch into tiny firebirds. The earth has been so dry and it’s hasn’t rained for weeks; poor Seraphina’s been afraid to feed her babies, for fear of setting their cradles alight. I can see them growing bigger each day, and they snatch at the fireflies like hungry dragons. It’s a miracle that I’ve only been burnt once!
See you soon!
Love, Tiny xox

Dear Tiny,
I’m staying with Granny and Grampa. She gives me carrots but they’re not as sweet as yours.
Love, Penny-dog