July 10th
Dear Penny-dog,
You’ll never guess where I’m writing from! A cozy hayloft on a pumpkin farm, far beyond the Raven Hills. The Swallows of Freetown Medley kindly offered to fly me home, and we are now resting for the night. Mother-the-Moon is here, and has asked me to send you a big silvery hug.

The swallows are so much fun—darting and swooping, and showing off their aerial acrobatics. It’s a nice distraction, but I do miss Millicent Hogwin. There were six new arrivals this month! I’ve been allowed to name one.
I have called her Joy.

Each orphan hoglet has their own hedgehog-cuddle toy, which we place around the grounds of Hoglet Haven. They hold them as they sleep, share their secrets, and snuffle in the sweet downy fur. It’s all part of the healing process.

Millicent has sent you a present. It’s a red silk ribbon to wear around your neck on special occasions.
I can’t wait to see you in it!
All my love, Tiny xo


July 12th
Dear Tiny
Miss Rose gave me a bone, but I still miss you.
That is all.
Love, Penny-dog xxx

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