August 15th
Dear Penny-dog,
Yay! I’m so happy you received the kiss I sent with Mother-the-Moon; I asked her to watch over you my sweet Penny-dog, and shine her light over you each night.
I left Miss. Millie’s Orphan Hoglet Farm some days back, and am now staying with Celestine’s youngest sister Minerva, the very last of the Celestial Elders. Minerva is a very old and extremely wise owl, and was once the faithful companion to the Greek Goddess Athena. When the time finally came to leave Athena’s side, she fled for the Ancient Forests where she became the Keeper of Woodland Enchantments, serving all of the greenwoods from the mainland to the islands. The wood-carving of Minerva and Celestine stands in the clearing, and reminds me of the Wild Briar Wood.

Minerva has given me an amulet to protect me on my journey to Cousin Wren, a small smooth stone of Obsidian, as black and mysterious as Celestine’s own eyes. I shall keep it in my pocket always.
I miss you desperately, and hope that you’re still having fun at camp.
Ever yours, Tiny xo

August 18th
Dear Tiny
I am having fun at camp, but I’m getting homesick and miss our morning walks. There are lots of critters and canines here just like they said, but I’m not in the mood to play.
Minerva sounds like a lovely lady, I can’t wait to see your stone, and I can’t wait to see you. I love you more than all the Mothers, and every star in the sky. I even love you more than Boarat, who is officially my new best friend. I’ve told him all about you, our nature hikes and night-time snuggles. Maybe he could come and visit sometime? I think you would like him. My kiss is still warm and glowing.
Love, Penny-dog xxx

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