August 9th
Dear Penny-dog,
How are you sweet friend? I’m on my way to the north country to visit Cousin Wren, and took the first chance I could find to put pen to paper. I can’t wait to hear about your time at camp! Are you having fun?

I’ve made a quick stop to visit my old friend Millicent Hogwin, who started Hoglet Haven, the Orphan Hoglet Farm that’s deep in the heart of the Raven Hills. The baby hedgehogs are delightful! They paw at Miss. Millie’s spines, and squabble for her attention. I’m helping Miss. Millie to build a remembrance garden so the orphan hoglets can snuffle along the rose and lavender hedgerows, remember their lost Mamas and heal their tender hearts. Their bright eyes and cute button noses remind me of you, and I miss your warm smile and the golden light that fills each room when you are near.
The next time you see Mother-the-Moon please remember me, and I’ll be thinking of you too.
All my love, Tiny xo
PS. I promise to write again soon!

August 11th
Dear Tiny,
Please don’t worry about me, Unkle Frank’s Camp for Critters & Canines is too much fun! I’ve tried so many new things already. We played a game called Red Rover, and there’s a giganticus pig called Boarat who roams around the grounds and squeals at the younger pups. Boarat makes me laugh, and he might be my new best friend. I ate something called peanut-butter which was yum, and something called spinach which was not.
I saw Mother-the-Moon and thought of you. She blew me a kiss which I keep under my blanket. It’s soft and warm and sparkly, just like your hug.
Love always, Penny-dog xxx

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