Tiny sat on the bank of Silent Creek, enjoying the cool tickle of water between her toes. The sky was a clear summertime blue, and Mother-the-Sun was beaming. Tiny closed her eyes ready to float away on a daydream, when she was pulled back with a jolt by Constance Goldfinch flapping excitedly beside her.
“It’s raining,” trilled Constance. “It’s raining on Mirror Lake!” Tiny looked up into the cloudless sky. Mother-the-Sun shrugged.
This sounded like a mystery Tiny couldn’t resist. “I’m coming Constance,” she called, but the little bird was already just a fleck of gold against the cerulean sky.

Tiny raced into the house and returned with a sheet of paper. After a crease, a fold, and a tweak, she’d made a paper boat fit for a sailor. She launched it into the water, used a stick to push away from the bank, and set sail for Mirror Lake. Tiny bobbed down the gurgling stream, past idle sticks, and swaying horsetails. She felt the soft caress of rose, smelt the sweet tickle of honeysuckle. But when she turned the corner, she gasped in surprise.

Proud and dazzling in the morning light was the old and twisting mulberry tree. She bloomed with succulent fruit which plopped into the water, creating a sea of silver circles. Tiny’s eyes widened. It really was raining on Mirror Lake. She moored her paper boat, and clambered onto the path. Half-hidden beneath the leafy canopy was Dana-Bear, tugging on a branch with his burly bear arms.

“Need some help, Dana-Bear?” asked Tiny. Dana-Bear grinned and nodded, scooping her into his broad fuzzy paw, and placing her onto his shoulder. Tiny grabbed the branch, and together they shook the tree. Berries splashed into the lake like raindrops. The neighborhood geese stretched their slender necks to catch the juicy mulberries, while a family of turtles rose from the water like an ancient archipelago. And fluttering overhead was Constance Goldfinch, her gold feathers now turned scarlet. Tiny giggled, it was a glorious sight. The sky was crystal clear, and rain was pouring in Treetops.