Tiny was out on an early morning stroll when she noticed the village of Treetops was eerily quiet. It was also looking quite dull. Tiny frowned; Treetops was usually bursting with life, with color pouring from every planter, window-box and basket. At first she felt a stab of annoyance, followed by a pinch of shame; if she really wanted to see a change, she knew she should start with herself.

Tiny headed straight to Fern’s Flower Farm where row upon row of eager seeds waved and winked from the shelves all desperate for her attention. It was hard to choose, but finally she decided on Kindness, Compassion and Tolerance.

Within five short days, small green shoots stood proudly in their pots. Delicate wisps of fragrance swirled from the greenhouse door; Tolerance carried a scent of freshly-cut grass, Compassion held a blush of rose-geranium, and Kindness was. . . what did Kindness smell like? Tiny thought it might be a sweet, warm vanilla-bean.

Under the shield of darkness, Tiny began her work; and several nights later, it was done. With a spell in the sun and a shower of rain, a heart made of love and a seed full of hope, Treetops had rewoken. In every direction, Tolerance, Kindness and Compassion bloomed; it was a glorious day in the neighborhood.

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