It was deep in the cradle of night that Tiny awoke with a start. The jolt was jarring, as though being pulled from the softest of clouds into the cold, still darkness below. As Tiny lay half-awake in the misty half-light, the panic-and-worry monsters began to creep towards her mind. She looked up to face the warm glow radiating from the window and there she was, Mother-the-Moon; holding her half-round belly, nestled comfortably in the curve of the sky. 
The Moon reached out to Tiny, bathing her small worried face in her gentle light. ‘Don’t worry my child’ she said softly, ‘all is well’. Tiny closed her eyes and surrendered to sleep as Mother-the-Moon held her in a silvery embrace until the pale morning sun began to color the horizon. ‘Good day my love’ whispered the Moon, melting into the blue light of dawn, ‘I’ll see you again, tomorrow’.

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