It was on a crisp and sunny spring morning, that Tiny was filling her bird feeders when a shiny red fleck flashed in the corner of her eye. It was probably one of the neighborhood cardinals; she continued to stuff the little house with seeds.
“Help!” called a little voice, “excuse me, I’m lost! Do you know where Jasper lives please, it’s his birthday”. Tiny looked up to see a beautiful red balloon caught in the twisted branches of Lonely Tree.
“I’m so sorry, I don’t” replied Tiny.
“But I must deliver my love before it’s too late!” said the balloon desperately. Tiny felt terrible for the balloon. How awful it must be to wait your whole life for one moment, only to feel lost so close to the end. She had an idea.
“ Do you think you might have some love to spare?”
“ I suppose so” said the balloon, sounding a little more hopeful. Tiny clambered up the trunk of Lonely Tree and retrieved the balloon.
“My dear neighbor Esperanza lost her Wilfred recently and today would have been their wedding anniversary. I have a feeling your love might find a home there.”
The balloon agreed, bobbing nervously up and down on the stoop. When Esperanza answered her smile was proof enough, and she pulled the balloon close to her heart. The balloon inflated with delight, it had found its true love after all.

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