Tiny looked at her calendar, it read ‘Sunday May 12th: Mother’s Day’.
“Oh dear” she thought, “I don’t have a Mother. I suppose that puts me in a bit of a pickle.” She decided to look up the word in the dictionary, just to be sure.
‘Mother: One who cares and protects, support and sustains. The source of love.’ Tiny smiled to herself; she had a garden full of tulips and she knew just what to do.

First she called on Miss. Rose. “Thank you for always loving me Miss. Rose” she said  as she handed her a bunch of tulips bound with a beautiful yellow ribbon.
“Oh Tiny, my heart is a well of love for you that will never run dry.” Miss Rose was surrounded by a golden cloud of joy, and Tiny stretched her little arms through it to hold her tightly. She then hopped next door to Esperanza’s house. 

Esperanza’s eyes filled with tears at the sight of Tiny and her basket of tulips. She was missing her girls, all grown now with daughters of their own.
“Tiny, my light!” she cried, “Please come in and have some food.”
“Thank you for taking care of me Esperanza, and for all your delicious meals. Sorry I have to run, but I’ll see you soon!” Esperanza glowed with delight.

Tiny’s third visit was to her greatest friend in all the world. When Penny-dog came to the door Tiny hugged her deeply, slipping her a juicy bone. “Penny-dog, thank you for protecting me, for being a good listener, and always being there.” Penny-dog gave Tiny a sweet doggy-smile and licked her affectionately on the nose.

There was one last place to visit. Tiny skipped home, and headed straight for the garden. She poked holes in the ground with her finger, and dropped in one, two, three little seeds. The sun felt warm and nourishing on her face. Tiny kissed the Earth, and whispered her thanks. There was no reply, she wasn’t expecting one; instead she tended to the soil and watered the beds. It was the best Mother’s Day she could have imagined.

For all the mothers, and carers, protectors and sustainers.
Love always.
Yours, Tiny xo

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