Tiny drifted down the aisles of the Gladrags Thrift Shop thumbing through the clothes and glamorous hats. She wanted a new dress for Woodmint’s Flower Fiesta, but everything was so fabulous it was hard to choose. She stopped in front of the oval mirror among the household knick-knacks and made a face.
An indignant huff echoed from the glass.
Tiny frowned. She looked up, down, and behind the tarnished frame, then shrugged to herself in the mirror and smiled.
Hello! I am here, you know!” came the voice again.

Tiny glared into the reflective surface. It shimmered like a breeze on still water.
“Finally, someone sees me. Thank you!” The voice said with a sigh.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Tiny said, searching for a glimpse of someone inside. But all she could see was her own reflection.
“People only look at themselves these days,” the mirror grumbled. “They never see me. Maybe I want to hear something nice. Tell someone about my day.”
Tiny’s heart pinched. It was true. When she looked at the mirror, she only saw herself. It never occurred to her that the mirror might like to be seen too. And so Tiny ignored the pencil-sized girl staring back at her, and began to notice the intricately carved frame, the gold-leaf details, and the clear, shiny surface.
“You really are beautiful,” she admitted.
The mirror giggled. “Thanks. So are you.”

Tiny felt a fidget in her fingers. She needed to go but didn’t want to leave the mirror just yet. As she wondered what to do, a bright flash caught her eye. Looking up, she spotted a make-up mirror tucked beneath the clothing rack. It glinted in the midday sun. A light turned on in Tiny’s mind.
“Mirror, I think I might be able to help,” she muttered as she rushed towards the half-rusted looking glass. She panted as she dragged it back, pushing it into position until the two mirrors were facing one another.
“There,” she said, hands on her hips. “Perhaps you two could be friends?”
But the mirrors didn’t respond. Instead, they stared at one other as though in a trance. A radiant glow swirled from each of their surfaces, extending outwards in curling tenacles of light.
Finally the make-up mirror gasped. “You look amazing!”
“You are spectacular,” the oval mirror gushed.
Tiny stepped back then tiptoed away trying to hide her smile. She had a dress to buy, but she would be back to say goodbye.