Tiny stared through the window into the dull pewter sky. Coal-dark clouds charged across the canvas like a herd of angry warthogs as thunder grumbled in the distance. Tiny’s spirit was as grey as the world outside. She looked in the mirror and tried to smile but the corners of her mouth refused to stand up. She even waved at the passers-by but they scurried past with eyes as hard as cold steel. Tiny sighed, wishing she could do something to lighten the mood. Dusk was drawing her curtain over Treetops and she was running out of time.

She pleaded with the sky to brighten, and soon Mother-the-Sun poked her head around a cloud to say goodnight. The sun’s glow felt like a lightning bolt of joy as it glittered through Tiny’s skin and exploded in her heart. The cogs in Tiny’s mind started to turn—she had an idea.

“Mother-the-Sun,” Tiny called as she headed outside. “Would you mind if I borrowed a cup of sunshine, please?
The sun grinned as she poured some golden light into Tiny’s cupped hands, who tipped it gently into a watering-can. When she looked up to say thank you, the sun had gone, and in her place stood Mother-the-Moon flashing a silver smile. Tiny felt a sparkling warmth course through her.
“Mother-the-Moon, could you spare a small moonbeam?”
The moon winked as she tossed a slither of pearlescent light towards her. Tiny gave her thanks, snapped the moonbeam into seed-like chunks, and placed them in a pile on the ground.
It was time to get planting.

By the time the stars appeared, Tiny had prepared the beds. She pressed her finger into the cool dirt, dropped in a moonseed, then worked her way down the furrows until every seed had been sown. She gazed at the stars hopefully.
“Hello stars,” Tiny said. “Could I trouble you for some stardust?”
The stars twinkled and sent a shower of diamond dust over the earth. Tiny blew them a kiss then watered the soil with the liquid sunshine. Now all she could do was wait.

The hours ticked by. Tiny paced, and Mother-the-Moon watched with one eyebrow raised. All of a sudden, bright slender shoots shot up from the ground. They coiled skyward before blossoming into luminous orchids. Gold and silver light radiated from their petals, filling the air with a dazzling glow and carrying a scent of sweet jasmine.
“The light seeds, they worked!” Tiny sang, as she skipped through the flower beds with a heart lighter than a cloud.
Mother-the-Moon clapped. The night-strollers stopped and cheered with soft, smiling eyes. And Tiny lay back on the earth, her spirit soaring, and the storm a distant memory.