Dearest Friends,
It’s been an age since my last letter! In truth, everyone in Treetops has been in a bit of a kerfuffle since the sickness began, and so I send my apologies. All the residents have been wonderful, keeping their distance, wearing their masks and being just a little kinder than usual.

Clementine delivered a slice of my favourite pie right to my doorstep, and Tiny left a gorgeous posy of flowers in my birdbath last week. I am one very lucky lady!

Oh, before I forget, Tiny asked me to tell you that she’ll be taking a short break from Storytelling Club. We’ll miss her terribly, of course, but you’ll be happy to hear that she’s visiting her dear friend Millicent Hogwin, to help with the newest arrival of orphan-hoglets.

I’m sure she’ll be back with a headful of stories before too long. In the meantime, I encourage you to try a slice of this raspberry pie, it’s really quite delicious!
With love from all at Treetops,
Miss. Rose xox

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