Sometimes Tiny will hold her best friend close, empty her mind, and lose herself completely in those warm, furry arms. Penny-dog never thinks of the power she holds, because the only thing she knows is love. Her devotion runs so deep it could stitch the small tears in Tiny’s tender heart. And her joy is so infectious it sends Tiny’s heart-bird soaring to the stars.

Sometimes Tiny tried to use words to describe the way she feels, but it isn’t easy. Imagine biting into a honeyed chocolate truffle with a secret caramel crunch, or running through a wheat-field in the low September sun. Try swimming in an amber lake as the waves dance with the dawn, or canter down a windswept beach on a wild Palomino horse. The words just aren’t enough, and so Tiny keeps her eyes tightly closed, gives thanks for this precious moment, and sinks a little deeper into the arms of the golden bear.

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