Tiny sat atop the dining-table in Esperanza’s kitchen, her legs stretched out in a V. She absently stroked the smooth wooden surface, watching her elderly neighbor prepare a pot of hot cocoa.
“Mmmm. Feels good,” rumbled a voice.
Tiny looked around. The sound seemed to be coming from beneath her.
“Yoohoo,” said a slow deep voice which sounded like it was coming from the inside of a tree. “It’s me. The table.”
Tiny startled then relaxed her shoulders. “Lovely to meet you, table.”
The table creaked back. “They used to tell stories around me. So many beautiful stories.”
Tiny stared down at the circles of swirling woodgrain. “Why don’t you tell me one now?” She replied.
“If you insist. I began as a tree, and lived in the family forest. We danced in the breeze for Mother-the-Sun.”
“It sounds lovely,” she said brightly, then grew quiet thinking about the darker months that followed.
“After the removal, I was brought here to the Garcia’s house. My Esperanza was just a girl then. See where she dropped her cello?” And Tiny’s attention was drawn to a dent in the side of the table.
“Each day the family would gather together—for yummy dinners, and dramas too. Sometimes they laughed and spilled their coffee. At other times, they spilled tears.” The table’s voice softened. “When the grandchildren came, they drew all over me. I felt like a work of art.”  

Tiny stood and walked slowly, gazing at each gouge, scratch, and nick. Scars covered the surface, each with a story to tell.
“Table,” she asked suddenly, “what’s your favorite story?”
“That’s easy,” it replied, as a ray of sunshine illuminated a crescent-shaped graze. “It’s the day you first visited my Esperanza and tap-danced on my chest.”
Tiny blushed. “That day was so fun. But I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
“No hurt, just tickle. Oh look, cocoa, my favorite.”
Esperanza arrived with a tray full of goodies.
“Thanks for being in my story, Tiny,” it said with a final creak.
Tiny held her capful of cocoa, and allowed a single drop to spill into a groove beside her, giving the table her winkiest wink. “It’s my pleasure!”