Tiny woke up hungry for a change. She was perfectly content to eat raspberry pie everyday, but today she had a hankering for something new. She considered some options: there was the Gateway to India, maybe; Arabian Nights? Possibly; Dana-Bear’s legendary food-truck, Pinker than Tin? Definitely. Tiny’s mouth watered in anticipation.

“What can I get for you Tiny?” boomed Dana-Bear, peering down from the service-hatch, “We have dishes from Marrakech to Morocco, and from Sicily to Santiago. And new in this week, Fortune Cookies!” Rich dense aromas snaked through Tiny’s senses, it would be impossible to choose. Dana-Bear spent the winters searching the globe for recipes, flavors and spices, and the summers sharing his passions with the residents of Treetops.
“You choose for me Chef, it’s always so delicious!”
Dana-Bear beamed with pride. “Okey doke Tiny, you’re in for a treat. Oh, and Mother-the-Moon ordered this special-delivery fortune cookie, just for you!”

Tiny first took a tentative nibble; it was crisp and buttery with a glimmer of sweetness and a glow of cinnamon-spice. Next she snapped the wafer open to reveal the fortune. A soft silvery light poured from the crevice, dusting Tiny’s hands with an iridescent sparkle-dust. Tiny read the fortune and gasped. Mother-the-Moon’s message had the potential to change her life forever. . .

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