As the first of the spring winds blew through Treetops, Tiny and Penny-dog headed to the Misty Ripple Meadow to welcome the season’s first forget-me-nots. The sun’s gentle rays cradled them in a warm embrace and Tiny dreamily brushed the powder-blue flowers against her cheek.

“Penny-dog…” she crooned, “when the summer rains have washed the last of the lilac blossoms, will you please forget-me not?”
“Is there any other way?” wondered Penny-dog, shuddering at the thought. Tiny plucked a flower from its stem and placed it in her skirt.
“When the fireflies have danced before the strawberry moon, will you remember to forget-me-not?”
“Only in my every thought” said Penny-dog to herself. Tiny plucked a second flower head, then a third.
“And when the ancient oaks have turned the land to gold, will you really forget-me-not?”
“Oh Tiny, if you only you knew…” Another; pluck, pluck.
“After the first snow covers the land in a blanket of silence, please oh please forget-me-not.”
“If only you knew…”thought Penny-dog, willing Tiny to hear “that you are in my heart every second of every minute, of every hour of every day, and that’s exactly where you will stay”.

Tiny tore at a blade of meadow grass and wove a simple flower crown which she placed upon her friend’s head.
“Penny-dog, you’re the bestest friend I’ve got, and I will always forget-you-not”.

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