It was the first of the seasonal fires, and Tiny was eager to burn away the old brush. She watched as a solitary spark fizzed into being, followed by a flicker, a glow and a fierce and powerful roar. She stared into the heart of the blaze, mesmerized. The fire seemed to be speaking to her,
‘Surrender your dreams to my Tiny, and I will set them alight” it hissed. Tiny thought for a moment, there were so many. Finally she picked three, and grabbing a nub of charcoal and a shred of birch-bark, she scribbled them quickly.
1. I wish for the health and well-being of Mother the Earth
2. I wish for freedom and equality for all women and girls
3. I wish for . . .” Tiny cupped her hand over the paper. It would remain their secret.

She tossed them into the fire. It devoured them greedily then spoke again, “Surrender your fears to me and I will turn them to dust.” Tiny began to write, and the anger, sadness, and frustration poured out of her, shriveling to ash within seconds.

Tiny’s attention was drawn away; the sky had cracked open to reveal the most exquisite sunset. For the briefest instant, Tiny stood on the edge of the mirror between Earth and Heaven, she could not tell them apart. She closed her eyes to absorb the moment, when she opened them again, it had passed. Darkness surrounded her and the night was still. But the fire in her heart burned deep into the night.

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