Tiny was packing her shopping bags ready to leave the house, feeling the weight of Penny-dog’s sad, silent gaze. The sweetest ribbon of sound slipped from the radio and spiraled around the room, carrying Ella’s haunting voice, “Everytime we say goodbye. . .”
“I’m sorry I have to go, I have a few errands to run,” said Tiny, her heart heavy.
“Please don’t go,” thought Penny-dog, “My heart might break.”
“I die a little. . .” sang Ella.
“I promise I’ll be back really soon,” called out Tiny, feeling quite bereft.
“I’m afraid you won’t come back,” pleaded Penny-dog.
Ella crooned away in the distance.

Tiny closed the door behind her and looked up to see Penny-dog’s expectant face in the window. Her heart felt like it had grown wings and flown far away, carving an empty hollow in its wake. She walked away, her feet dragging.

Penny-dog placed one paw against the glass, willing Tiny to stay. There was silence now as Ella finished her song. Tiny stopped. She turned around. She couldn’t do it. She looked up to see Penny-dog’s wide, hopeful eyes, and all she could hear was the thump-thump-thump of the happiest tail. The errands could wait.

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