Tiny sat on the beach beside her best friend, allowing the warm glittery sand to slide between her fingers. The ocean was a blanket of blue silk and bright sparkles—breathtaking in its beauty, and mesmerizing in its power. Penny-dog gazed out too, and her golden eyes watered in the fresh briny air.

Tiny’s heart was suddenly filled with love. “Did you know,” she asked, “that all my love for you wouldn’t fit into the ocean?
“Wow, that’s a lot of love,” thought Penny-dog, her eyes widening.
“And did you know, that if I sang a song about how happy you make me, I’d be singing from now until forever,” Tiny added.
Penny-dog furrowed her brow. The tip of her tail started to twitch.
Tiny continued regardless. “Oh, and did you know that when I look into your eyes, I can see the whole Universe!”
“Now hold on a minute,” thought Penny-dog, “that’s going a bit far.”
Tiny shrugged. “It is true though.”

Penny-dog stared out in silence. She wanted to tell Tiny how much she meant to her; how she was her whole world and everything in it—but couldn’t find the words. Finally, she look at the pencil-sized girl with the bright eyes and big heart, and thought, “did you know, I love you more than bones.”
Tiny smiled, gave her friend a pat, and stared back across the endless expanse of water.
It was enough—it was everything.