It’s on a rare and special occasion that Tiny treats herself to a bubble bath, and the water must be hot, bubbly and fragrant with French lavender. As she watches the frothy rainbows forming, she imagines each bubble a dream, one delicately popping as another one forms. In the bubble before her, she sees Rosa Parks taking her seat in the bus. 
“May I sit with you Miss. Parks?” asks Tiny.
“Why of course, young lady! Please come join me” she replies. Tiny squeezes Rosa’s hand as the bubble floats up, up and out of the open window.

Tiny smiles and peers into another bubble. She sees Frida Kahlo lying in her bed, painting her reflection from a mirror.
“You are so visionary Frida! I wish I had your determination”
“Gracias Señorita! Just find your true purpose and anything is possible” replies Frida cheerfully. The bubble melts before her eyes, taking Frida with it. 

The dreams continue to swirl with the sweetly scented steam. Out of the corner of her eye, Tiny spots Sylvia Earle swimming through a shoal of brilliantly painted angelfish. 
“Miss Sylvia!” she calls out. “Thank you for protecting our oceans. I promise to do everything I can to help!” Sylvia gives her a thumbs up and blasts some bubbles through her snorkel.

The water is getting cold. A movement catches her eye. It’s her hero Malala, about to give her United Nations speech.
“I wish I could be as brave as you Malala!” shouts Tiny above the applause.
“Oh you are my friend, just look withinnnn….” and she floats up to the ceiling disappearing with a gentle pop. 
“When I grow up, I’m going to make a difference too…” thinks Tiny, as she lies back to enjoy the last of the rainbow froth, with a head full of daydreams and a heart full of fire.


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