Tiny looked out of the window before her walk to Upper Treetops; there were clouds in the sky, rain in the puddles, and the sun was preparing herself to shine. It would be another day of four seasons. The seasons were the least of her concerns, for the Wind was feeling mischievous, whipping at her skirt and playing topsy-turvy with her brolly.

“Oh Wind, you are such a trickster!” giggled Tiny. The wind felt fresh and warm with a whisper of mystery as it whooshed through the street, toppling a garden gnome, and playing knock-door-run with old Mr. Guthrie’s door-knocker.
“Ti-ny!” sang the Wind, “would you like to hear a stor-y?”
Tiny sighed, smoothing down her skirt. “If I listen, will you stop your mischief?”
The Wind took a deep breath and calmed himself. “I’ve just come from a land where there are orange groves and oceans and avocados!”
It sounded truly magical, and Tiny wondered if she could visit.
“And the greatest of all trees, the mighty Sequoias reign the land. My brother Fire and I help to open their cones, and the cycle of life keeps turning.”

As the wind spoke, the air around Tiny began to feel like a crisp sea breeze, the salt was tangy on her lips, and it held the most delicious hint of eucalyptus. Tiny imagined it’s what happiness might smell like.
“That’s a wonderful story, Wind. Thank you!”
The Wind blew Tiny a kiss, and with a final cheeky flutter on Mr. Guthrie’s door-knocker, he was gone just as quickly as he arrived.

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