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Who is Tiny?

Tiny represents that brave little hero that lives inside each and every one of us. Kind and courageous, cheeky and lovable, Tiny stands up for all that is true and just wherever she roams. Keep a little bit of Tiny’s magic close to your heart, and give your inner hero a new best friend.

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Sending springtime love to you!

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Before We Sleep, archival print

On the darkest of Sunday evenings when the winds scream madly through the bare forest trees, Tiny makes her way to the Wild Briar Wood armed with a book, a flashlight, and a flask of hot cocoa. She’ll walk slowly towards the stand of silver maples, looking for the half-hidden shred of red silk that flags the path to the underworld.
Through the secret door she goes, and down the rickety staircase. The residents of Wild Briar are waiting, excited for Tiny’s arrival, eager for a sip of the sweet, rich chocolate. They are ready to dream and delight, to gasp and to giggle; they are hungry for a chance to be transported to an other world for a few precious moments before the call of the moon.

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